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Just in the bottom of the Fitz Roy hill
You will find the first viewpoint after one hour journey. After two hours you will find the “Capri Lake” with a wonderful view of the surrounding summits. Walking down the path, after 1 hour you reach the Poincenot, a place in a national park where you can camp. Crossing the “Rio Blanco”, there is a special camp for climbers which has a slope that ends in the lake called “Laguna de los tres”. It is a 4- hour-excursion in which you can see the great Fitz Roy hill.

At the bottom of Torre Hill
The first viewpoint where you can see the valley of Fitz Roy River, The Torre hill and “Las Adelas” is one hour and a half away from “El Chaltén”. After one hour and a half of walking, you reach D’ Agostini camping. After 10 more minutes, you can get a beautiful sight of “Torre Lake” and the Hill. If you continue walking along the path, you can reach the last Maestri camping, near the “morenica” ridge around the lake. This means that the excursion will take you only three hours. It is also possible to ask for a trekking excursion on the “Torre Glacier”. You need an adventurous spirit and a great fitness to be the whole day in the ice.

Chorrillo del Salto
4 kilometers away from the “Chaltén”, through the road N°23 and after 300 kilometers walking, people can find a nice waterfall of 20 meters high, situated within the Patagonian Andean forest. Its flow comes from the Capri Lake. This place also has a bike path.

Dessert Lake
37 kilometers going to the North of “El Chaltén” you can have access to the Dessert Lake by bus or by car, while you have an amazing ride through great forests and glaciers, following the direction of “Las Vueltas” river. Once you are in the parking space, at the end of road N° 23, at about 300 meters walking, you reach a wonderful viewpoint where you can see the lake from South to North. Also, there you have a private camping and you can make a special one hour ride to the Glacier “Huemul”
You must also visit Viedma Lake,
the Vueltas River Canyon, the Monk´s Stone and Loma del Pliegue Tumbado.
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